We are audio and video professionals, with lot of experience in every aspect of audio and video production.

We’ve worked on documentary film, in many live events as audio and video producers, in recording and producing music videos, in composing,recording, mixing and mastering of whole music albums. As everyone of you, our dear followers, we’ve started to work before YouTube exist, without any video tips and tricks, or video tutorials. Can you imagine? We’ve pass this road with big difficoulties, with lack of gear but with enourmous perservance and passion to get the best out of us on the projects that we’ve worked on. We know that that is your wish also, to grow in knowledge and quality of your work, and we will give our best to help you achieving this.

Our biggest wish is to expand our professional network, to meet other professionals, to share our experience and knowledge with you, to work for you as audio or video editors, to help you to be the best by working on your projects or by sharing our experience with you, so you don’t have to pass the dificoulties that we’ve pass thru.

Thank you for your support and following.
Audio Video Edit Team

Temelko Andreev, Mixing Engineer on SoundBetter